About us

Expert Technology LLC specializes in the development and implementation of advanced technologies, modern specialized equipment, new chemical compounds and compositions demanded in the oil and gas industry and related services, traditional and special tracer (indicating) studies, research and development activities.

The company started its activities in 2011 in Western Siberia, Samara region and the Republic of Tatarstan, specializing mainly in complex selective technologies of oil production stimulation in heterogeneous reservoirs, where simple acid treatments do not provide the desired result.

As part of the project to expand the range of services rendered by the company, which began in 2012, the scientific and technical work on research and improvement of physical and chemical properties of various agents, materials and compositions used in repair and insulation work (RIW), enhanced oil recovery technologies (EOR), oil production intensification (OPI) and other related activities are constantly underway. New compounds and compositions, technologies and methods, specialized equipment are being developed, and the company is creating software for modelling operations and selecting the best possible process parameters.

Since 2013 the company started to provide services of traditional and special tracer (indicator) surveys that allow monitoring and effective management of the field and individual site development system, optimization of geological and engineering operations and wells operation.

The benefits of working with us have been time-proven and tested by many customers. They range from the widest choice of offered technologies, chemical compositions and special equipment to affordable prices, flexibility and high quality of services.

"Our company is looking forward to cooperate not only with mining companies, but also with service, research and production enterprises, because only consolidation of knowledge and experience often allows to achieve the biggest and best results",

– Pavlov Ivan Vladimirovich, PhD in Engineering, Company CEO